Anti-aging laser

The development of laser cosmetology technologies has allowed a person to start a serious war on skin aging. Laser skin rejuvenation quickly took its bottom in cosmetology, as a person always wanted to minimize age-related skin changes, and laser methods to combat wrinkles showed high efficiency.

Reasons for the manifestation of age-related changes in the skin

Wrinkles occur as a result of loss by the human skin of its former elasticity and activity of the muscles of the face. Over time, the synthesis and division of cells slows down, and the skin loses moisture, which leads to a decrease in the degree of elasticity and firmness. Also, the hereditary predisposition of a special characteristic type (the appearance of facial wrinkles) has a strong influence on the appearance of age-related wrinkles.

Indications for laser skin rejuvenation

  1. The appearance of age-related and (or) facial wrinkles.
  2. Age-related pigmentation of the skin.
  3. Reduced skin tone, etc.

At the same time, the number of age-related pathologies in dermatology is much wider, against which a laser beam can be effectively used. Depending on the type of pathology and chromophore, both different lasers and various laser techniques for skin rejuvenation are used. Лазер для омоложения старой кожиFor example, ablation laser protocols (usually an erbium laser, sometimes CO2) are used to combat facial wrinkles or senile wrinkles, while if laser equipment (like LASEST) allows you to change the duration, energy density and structure of the laser spot in wide ranges, then laser resurfacing can be performed for various types of skin and wrinkles. The disadvantage of this method is a certain rehabilitation period of the patient after the procedure (depending on the processing parameters, it is from 1 to 2 weeks). If the patient wants to return to an active life immediately after the procedure, then in this case it is better to use non-ablative methods that do not injure the skin. In the case of removal of senile pigmentation, it is necessary to use Q-Switched laser, the radiation length of which is well absorbed by melanin (the main chromophore for age spots).

Laser benefits for anti-aging skin

The laser to combat skin aging quickly took leading positions due to the following features:

  1. Lack of scars after the procedure.
  2. A sufficiently large area of skin coverage by laser radiation.
  3. Usually, 1-2 procedures are sufficient to achieve a sustainable effect.
  4. The possibility of rejuvenation of especially sensitive skin areas (neckline, neck, skin around the eyes).
  5. Almost guaranteed no side effects.
  6. Quick skin recovery after the procedure (3-4 days).

Contraindications for laser skin rejuvenation

Despite the tangible benefits of the procedure. However, there are the following factors that impede its implementation:

  1. The inflammatory process in the area of the planned laser exposure.
  2. Diseases of the skin.
  3. Benign and malignant tumors.
  4. Blood disease.
  5. Type 1 diabetes.
  6. Vitiligo.
  7. Pregnancy and lactation.


Before the procedure, it is worth observing several recommendations: a month before the procedure, any cosmetic procedures are required, several days it is required to refuse cosmetics. Algorithm of the procedure:

  1. Facial skin scrubbing to remove dead particles.
  2. Eye protection from exposure with special glasses.
  3. The use of local anesthesia.
  4. Selection of laser radiation intensity.
  5. Apply emollients to relieve discomfort.

Post-treatment recommendations

Carrying out this procedure imposes certain restrictions:

  1. Exclude peels and scrubs.
  2. Do not sunbathe.
  3. Take vitamins and minerals.
  4. Exclude cosmetics.
  5. Use sunscreen.
  6. Do not take antibiotics and hormones.

Possible complications after the procedure

  1. Mild itching or red spots.
  2. Peel and peeling skin.
  3. The appearance of inflammatory foci (due to infection).

Which laser should be used to combat aging

Depending on the type of age-related pathology, various laser modules can be used:

  1. Neodymium laser (1064 nm) – is used to improve blood circulation, which leads to the activation of fibroblasts, which synthesize proteins – collagen and elastin. This helps get rid of wrinkles or reduce them.
  2. Erbium laser (2940 nm) – used to polish the upper layers of the epidermis, which also improves skin elasticity.
  3. Ruby laser (694 nm) – is used to treat age-related pigmented pathologies.

Today, there are many systems that allow laser skin rejuvenation, but the LASEST laser system is one of the best solutions for laser rejuvenation due to the successful combination of Nd: YAG Active and Er: YAG Active modules, as well as due to its high efficiency. Also, the above modules have an ergonomic design and are convenient for use by doctors, which allows the LASEST medical laser system to occupy its niche in this field of cosmetology.