How to choose and buy an IPL machine

Many doctors or clinic owners are reasonably wondering how to choose and buy an IPL device. Most often, this question arises when it comes to a small clinic or beauty salon (with a list of relevant medical services), specializing mainly in the cosmetology direction. Medical specialists are well aware that with the help of an IPL device, photoepilation services are most often performed, which is why such devices are often called photoepilators. But at the same time, with the appearance on the market of a large number of types of home photoepilators, it is more and more difficult to advertise this service among the clients of the institution, because it is often associated with some ineffective or outdated methodology. Some manufacturers of photoepilators are trying to convince that their devices are no worse than real lasers, which is why the term “IPL lasers” was coined. In this article, we will analyze and tell you how IPL and lasers differ and how to choose and buy an ordinary epilator so that its characteristics are as close as possible to laser ones and customer reviews about your clinic are only positive.

How does an IPL device differ from a laser

Melanin is the target of the unwanted hair removal procedure, no matter whether you use a laser or photoepilator. This pigment gives color to human skin and hair, because it is abundantly found in the hair shaft, follicle, and even in the epidermis (especially for skin phototypes above Fitzpatrick III).  Что лучше лазер или IPL

The broadband light of an IPL machine is a bright, powerful flash from a conventional lamp. In this case, the light falling on the skin is absorbed not only by melanin, but also by other chromophores, which makes the process of removing unwanted hair risky and poorly controlled. When setting low energy values ​​in the settings, the doctor and the client will not see no effect, and as the energy density values ​​increase, there is an immediate risk of burns. Unlike IPL, the beam of medical laser is monochromatic, i.e. its ray is absorbed by the very chromophore on which we want to act. Therefore, with laser hair removal, due to the high photoselectivity, the efficiency of hair removal is much higher, and the risk of side effects is much lower. Undoubtedly, a significant factor when choosing cosmetology laser is the price, which for IPL is several times lower than the cost of a laser. However, there is a nuance here – replacement of lamps for photoepilators is required every 100-150 thousand. flashes, while the minimum resource of pumping lamps for solid-state lasers exceeds several million. But what if the doctor intends to choose and buy an IPL device? Let’s consider what parameters of photoepilators should be paid attention to first of all.

Main characteristics and parameters of photoepilators

When buying photoepilators, first of all, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Maximum energy density or fluence. The lighter the skin and hair, the more flux of light energy is required, therefore, choose a device with only a high fluence (at least 60 J / cm2).
  2. КУпить IPL лазер для эпиляцииCooling the skin during the procedure. If you have chosen a high fluence epilator, you should pay attention to cooling the skin to avoid the risk of burns. In photoepilators contact cooling is used and its presence in the equipment is mandatory.
  3. The presence of a large number of light filters. Above, we examined why lasers are better and more efficient than IPL, however, the photoselectivity of an IPL device can be increased in part by using special light filters that cut out only the required part of the radiation spectrum. At the same time, the density of energy delivered to the skin decreases, but the efficiency and safety of the procedure increases. The more filters go to the device when buying, the safer and more purposeful it can be used for cosmetic purposes.
  4. Russian registration certificate. Photoepilation, like laser hair removal, is a licensed service. Do not pay attention to the periodic statements of unscrupulous sellers about the optionalness of certificates and certificates for the IPL laser. Your own safety and the safety of your business depend on it.
  5. Service maintenance. Even if you decide to choose and buy an IPL device, taking into account all the above factors and feedback on the equipment, do not forget about one of the most important – you will have to change the lamps in the photoepilator very often and the cost and the possibility of servicing is the key to the continuous functioning of the purchased cosmetology equipment.


At the end of this article, we will consider the most common types of photoepilators in Russia. Along with traditional IPL, these are ELOS and SHR photoepilators.

  1. ELOS device. This technology appeared on the market due to the combination of two independent technologies – IPL and RF (exposure to electromagnetic field). The combination of these technologies should lead to more active processes of neocollagenesis, as for the photorejuvenation procedure. The effectiveness of using combinations of these technologies to remove unwanted hair is still poorly understood.
  2. SHR technology. The next generation of photoepilators, which are currently used in the Russian Federation, are SHR epilators. The basis of this technology is the simultaneous use of diode emitters, which are designed to increase the photoselectivity of exposure. Considering the low peak power of the diode strips, the pulse duration of SHR devices is very long to accumulate the necessary energy of exposure to the hair, therefore the ability to adjust the parameters is somewhat limited. However, manufacturers are focusing on the fact that thanks to ultra-long pulses, they managed to extend the life of SHR epilators’ lamps to 300 thousand. flashes, which is really a good indicator for photoepilators.

When choosing to buy an ELOS or SHR device, it is worth analyzing the same characteristics of IPL devices that we discussed above. Be sure to allow your doctors to do a few trial sessions on the devices you are considering buying.