Laser intimate rejuvenation

The intimate area is very delicate and fragile, and, like the whole organism, it is subject to aging and changes. In addition, many girls, even at a young age, are unhappy with her appearance and condition. Moreover, for many years, nothing could be done about age-related changes or aesthetic defects. Even when it became possible to perform plastic surgery on the vulva and vagina, they resorted to them only in extreme cases, for example, wishing to eliminate the consequences of injuries received during childbirth. Everything has changed with the development of laser technology. Laser intimate plastic is a simple and non-traumatic way to restore tone and shape to genitals.Лазер для недержания мочи

During the procedure of intimate rejuvenation with a intimate laser, a uniform and clearly dosed heating of the tissues of the vaginal mucosa occurs. As a result, the area of ​​the zone affected by the laser is sharply reduced, which in itself causes a narrowing of the vaginal walls. In response to this effect, the body begins to produce its own collagen, a protein that is often called the “skeleton” of the vaginal walls. The blood supply to the treated area is significantly improved, the tone is increased, the mucous membrane becomes more dense, moisturized and elastic. After one such procedure, sensations during intimacy become much brighter and more intense. Previously, such an effect could only be achieved with the help of a surgical operation, after which a long recovery period was required.
Modern laser intimate plastic does not require any rehabilitation or any special training. Tissues repair very quickly, there is no bleeding, no risk of infection or the development of complications. We single out the main indications for laser therapy in gynecology. There are many situations in which laser rejuvenation will be the best choice. Among them:
• age-related changes in the walls of the vagina;
• vaginal distension after childbirth;
• low tone of the walls of the vagina;
• excessive dryness of the vagina, especially during menopause;
• urinary incontinence;
• dissatisfaction with the quality of intimacy, decreased sensitivity.

Most often, clients of clinics conducting laser rejuvenation of the vagina become young mothers who want to get rid of postpartum changes, as well as women of age who need to correct the damage caused by time and hormonal imbalance. Despite the advantage of laser therapy over surgery, there are still a number of contraindications for laser rejuvenation. There are few of them, but this should be taken into account when choosing a technique. Although laser intimate rejuvenation is easily tolerated by the body and is considered the safest way to restore tone to the intimate area, nevertheless, this method has its contraindications, in particular:

• pregnancy and lactation;
• diabetes;
• oncological diseases;
• venereal diseases.

Preparation for intimate rejuvenation

There are no age restrictions for laser intimate plastic surgery – very young girls, ladies of Balzac age, and women over 60 can do it. However, doctors themselves believe that the maximum effect of the procedure can be achieved if it is performed in the age range of 25 up to 55 years old. Before proceeding with laser rejuvenation, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist and undergo a number of studies: ultrasound of the pelvic organs, pass biomaterial to laboratory tests to detect inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs. Other than this, no special training is required. The procedure for laser intimate rejuvenation is performed in the clinic by a highly qualified gynecologist. For this manipulation, various types of gynecological lasers are used, a neodymium, erbium, and CO2 laser. All these types of medical lasers can be used in combination or in mono mode. Modern aesthetic gynecology actively uses laser technology.Лазерный аппарат для гинекологии
Thanks to the revolutionary solutions used by the methods, the Dual Gentle Gynecology technology allows you to effectively and reliably solve most of the problems of women, given how the female body changes with age-related tissue changes and hormonal shift. The main goal of the innovative Dual Gentle Gynecology LASEST technology is to improve the quality of sexual life. Laser vulvar-vaginal rejuvenation has a lot of advantages. Unlike surgical techniques, this method is safe and painless. In addition, it differs from surgical methods in a short recovery period, a small number of contraindications and a minimal risk of complications.