The advantages of laser therapy over other methods

Laser therapy is an actively developing field of modern medicine. Как убрать боль в колене лазеромThanks to the latest techniques can currently treat a huge number of diseases. A huge advantage of using laser therapy is not only the high efficiency of treatment, but also very few restrictions and possible side effects in patients compared to other methods. Recently, for laser therapy, not only low-intensity sources of laser radiation based on diode lasers have been used, but also more advanced solid-state laser emitters based on Nd: YAP and Nd: YAG lasers. The radiation of these laser modules not only penetrates more deeply and voluminously into the damaged tissues of the body, but also due to its characteristics allows a more selective effect on the foci of diseases. Solid-state lasers, unlike diode lasers, can generate pulses of virtually any duration and any peak power. This allows them to start controlled photothermal and photochemical processes in the cells of the body.

The main advantages of laser therapy

The main advantages of laser therapy are:

  1. The laser beam affects not only the symptoms of the disease, but also effectively affects the cause of the disease, this allows you to cure the disease completely and without relapse.
  2. Laser therapy has no postoperative side effects or complications. Thanks to this, the use of a laser is absolutely possible for different types of patients.
  3. A physiotherapeutic laser has a very high degree of photo selectivity, which means that it only affects the foci of the disease without affecting neighboring healthy tissues.
  4. Lasers in physiotherapy can be used both independently and in conjunction with other treatment methods, including medication.
  5. Thanks to physiotherapeutic modern techniques, exposure to the body is absolutely safe. After the laser therapy procedure, the patient can immediately return to an active life.

Lasers for physiotherapy can be used not only by physiotherapists, but also dermatologists, gynecologists, etc.

What diseases does a physiotherapy laser treat?

The most common diseases for which laser therapy is actively used:

  1. treatment of osteoarthrosis;
  2. ENT diseases;
  3. therapy of bone and cartilage tissue;
  4. consequences of injuries, including sprains and bruises;
  5. disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  6. treatment of epindicolitis.

Contraindications for the use of laser therapy

Despite the fact that laser therapy has practically no side effects, therapists do not recommend using it nevertheless in the following cases:

  1. the patient has oncological diseases;
  2. the presence of infectious diseases in the acute stage;
  3. acute failure of internal organs (heart, liver, kidneys, etc.).