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LasMedTech is a leading manufacturer of professional laser medical equipment in Russia Federation. All our products are CE certified and have Russian Registration Certificates.
The efficiency and reliability of LASEST medical lasers has been confirmed by numerous tests and protocols in medical government institutions. You can easily choose and buy the best medical laser for you from our wide catalog of laser equipment. The LASEST medical laser device is rightfully considered a real professional mobile clinic, because not only allows doctors to carry out the entire range of laser medical procedures for the removal and treatment of various nosologies – from simple cosmetological (for example, laser hair removal, rejuvenation, carbon peeling, etc.) to complex surgical, but also allows using one laser and its software ensuring that complete records and statistics of doctors, patients, procedures are maintained, which guarantees a quick payback and objective control of the work of the your clinic. If your clinic or medical center decides to buy a medical laser device, then you, in addition to a universal medical device, receive full training (theoretical and practical parts, either in Moscow or in your clinic), business support, free delivery and a 24-month warranty. Considering that our company is a manufacturer, not a distributor of medical equipment, such important factors as reliability, versatility, price and timeliness of service distinguish our company from ordinary suppliers. If you want to buy a medical laser for a doctor for cosmetology, gynecology, surgery, physiotherapy, etc. with a discount or in installments, which can pay off in a few months and at the same time work efficiently and reliably for many years – contact our company.