Surgical laser

Laser surgery is one of the most high-tech and rapidly developing areas of medicine. The widespread use of lasers for complex dissections and incisions has recently become a daily practice in surgery. This is because the surgical laser is capable of performing very delicate and precise tissue manipulations. In addition, the use of a laser for surgery allows the surgeon to minimize bleeding due to the simultaneous coagulation of nearby vessels with a laser. In addition, thanks to the high-intensity radiation, the laser kills possible bacteria in the treatment area and sterilizes the wound surface.
Using advanced laser surgery techniques of the LazMedTech company, it is possible to carry out a huge range of surgical operations for various tissues and areas.
The intensity and nature of the effect of LASEST lasers depends on the radiation wavelength, pulse duration, frequency, and also on the tissue affected by the laser beam.

Laser complex LASEST

A solid-state surgical laser that can be integrated into the LASEST laser complex is characterized by a high degree of monochromaticity and collimation (unlike diode arrays), therefore, the temperature of the tissue rises in a controlled manner and coagulation with an incision occurs with maximum accuracy, due to which the laser surgical procedure occurs with minimal discomfort and risk for the patient.
Each surgical mode in the LASEST complex is configured in accordance with the necessary parameters and is specifically designed for a particular surgical intervention.
If your clinic or medical center decides to buy a laser for LASEST surgeons, you can not only quickly recoup your investment in high-tech laser equipment, but also significantly increase the image of your institution, significantly expanding its range of services.