RUBY Active

Ruby laser

The RUBY Active LASEST laser module, considering its spectral and energetic characteristics, is a real leader in the field of pigment spots treatment and complex color tattoo removal among Q-swithed lasers. The RUBY Active Ruby Laser generates a laser wavelength of 694nm, which is optimal for the non-ablative removal of melanin accumulations in skin cells. The highly selective system of pulses of very short duration, implemented in RUBY Active, allows laser radiation to penetrate to a depth of 1-1.5 mm and remove pigment spots of various shades (from the lightest to dark coffee color) layer by layer without damaging the skin. In addition, the generation of high-speed pulses combined with monochromatic radiation at 694 nm effectively removes the green and blues of tattoos through a combined photoacoustic effect. This effect allows large and heterogeneous particles of dyes to be broken up into very small fragments, which are then removed from the skin within a short time. For dark and red tattoos, the recommended Nd: YAG Active Q-Switched emitter (1064 is recommended for dark tattoo removal, 532 for red and yellow tattoos), so the effectiveness of the ruby ​​laser allows it to be used for a wide range of procedures, while its price is generally higher than that of other Q-switch lasers. You can buy a ruby ​​laser in Moscow RUBY Active LASEST directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

  • – Treatment of any pigmented formations
  • – Removing color tattoos
  • – Epilation of thin hair on fair skin
High speed for its lasers class
RUBY Active allows you to work with a frequency of 2 Hz to remove age spots and tattoos
The optimal wavelength of 694nm for the treatment of pigmentation
This wavelength corresponds to the maximum absorption of accumulations of melanin pigment spots during procedures without damaging the skin
Ergonomic and comfortable design
Lightweight and comfortable handpiece with a weight of 0.5 kg makes the doctor's work simple and convenient
Pigmentation treatment
Pigmentation treatment
Pigmentation treatment
Pigmentation treatment
Active element
Radiation length
Pulse duration
500-2000us(hybrid pulse mode)/1000-2500пс(mono-pulse mode)
Maximum power
Maximum energy density
Maximum energy
to 5J
Maximum peak power
to 300kW
Frequency of operation
Outlet Diameter
Nozzle weight