Nd:YAG 1320

YAG laser

The Nd: YAG 1320 neodymium laser has unique technical characteristics that allow a wide range of non-ablative laser procedures in cosmetology and dermatology. The 1320nm wavelength, which is generated by a special laser nozzle, does not penetrate the skin as deeply as 1064nm, but unlike 1064nm, it is more photoselective and is able to trigger neocollagenesis processes much more efficiently. The clinical application of the Nd: YAG 1320 LASEST module is based on the principle of fractional photothermolysis and underlies the use of non-ablative fractional laser (NFL) techniques. The latest fractional Deep Pixel LASEST technique is used to treat stretch marks, post-acne and scars, non-ablative rejuvenation, etc.
The laser radiation emitted by the Nd YAG 1320 laser creates microchannels in the skin with coagulation at different depths, allowing you to start regeneration processes not only in a certain layer of the skin, as in the usual fractional exposure, but throughout the entire thickness of the dermis from the uppermost layer of the epidermis to a depth of 4-5 mm, thus creating an ordered matrix throughout the entire volume, contributing to the global triggering of the natural mechanism of collagenogenesis with the subsequent formation of new elastin and collagen. With this technique, the rate of collagen fiber formation is 3-4 times higher compared to conventional non-ablative anti-aging laser techniques. When choosing which medical yag laser to buy, the doctor or manager must take into account many factors and characteristics, such as multifunctionality, reliability, efficiency, price, etc., while the neodymium laser complex Nd: YAG 1320 will correspond to the absolute majority of them.

  • Aesthetic medicine:
  • – Laser non-ablative rejuvenation, including fractional
  • – Laser treatment of stretch marks and striae
  • – Non-ablative scar treatment
  • – Photodynamic treatment for post-acne
  • Laser gynecology:
  • – Non-ablative fractional laser vaginal rejuvenation
  • – Treatment of stress urinary incontinence
Two wavelengths for deep rejuvenation
It is possible to use both wavelength 1320nm and 1064nm
3D skin regeneration effect
The combination of wavelengths and modes allows you to run a regenerative effect throughout the skin
Ultra-light handpieces with different radiation distribution
It is possible to use different handpieces, including 3d pixel and Gynecology
Acne treatment
Acne treatment
Laser rejuvenation
Laser rejuvenation
Active element
Radiation length
1320 нм
Pulse duration
1000-2000 мкс
Maximum power
55 Вт
Maximum energy density
200 Дж/см2
Maximum energy
до 45 Дж
Maximum peak power
до 15 кВт
Frequency of operation
1-5 Гц
Outlet Diameter
Deep Pixel
Nozzle weight
0,2 кг