Aesthetic medicine

Cosmetology laser

Dermatologists and cosmetologists all over the world are actively using such a powerful and effective tool as a laser for dermatology, including cosmetology. The number of cosmetic procedures performed by lasers worldwide is increasing by about 40% every year. Such a rapid growth in the use of lasers in cosmetology is explained by the fact that most procedures, especially with regard to the human face, require high accuracy and effectiveness in certain areas. Most of the traditional cosmetic products widely available for the face can only temporarily solve the aesthetic problem, while the laser using all the advantages and properties of radiation can affect the face without damaging healthy skin, so any patient after laser exposure can immediately return to an active life.

Dermatology laser Lasest

Using a laser for cosmetology for carrying out procedures, the attending physician can change the parameters and settings of the laser in wide ranges. It can change the laser pulse duration, its frequency and even the depth of penetration into the skin. The most common in cosmetology are solid-state lasers, such as Nd: YAG, alexandrite, erbium and others. This is explained by the fact that they have the highest degrees of monochromaticity, photo selectivity, directivity, etc. among all other types of lasers. That is why solid-state lasers are fundamental in cosmetology and dermatology for professional doctors.
The LASEST laser complex combines all the advanced technologies and lasers with which you can effectively perform cosmetic and dermatological procedures. The principle of photo selectivity, on which all aesthetic laser medicine and cosmetology is based, is optimally implemented in a large number of modes, nozzles and techniques that can be used in the LASEST laser apparatus.
Any doctor using a LASEST laser can easily select the optimal handpiece, wavelength, pulse duration for each specific type of skin disease. We have put together all the best cosmetology lasers that can solve absolutely any dermatological problem – from laser hair removal to treatment of onychomycosis.