Laser for laser lifting SMAS-Ultralift

The SMAS-Ultralift procedure can only be performed on the LASEST laser device. This procedure is the only ultra-thin pixel 3d rejuvenation procedure in the world and is officially approved in many countries. Unlike most conservative laser systems, the effect of which is directed only to certain layers of the skin, the laser beam during the SMAS-Ultralift procedure acts on a fundamentally different level.

Thanks to the created technologies and patented techniques, the SMAS-Ultralift procedure allows for rejuvenation, both on the internal (the skin tone increases simultaneously with the leveling of the relief and the erasure of wrinkles) and on the external levels (improvement of the subcutaneous layer of the hypodermis, which stimulates structural face lifting). If earlier such age-related problems could be effectively solved exclusively by methods of plastic surgery, today the SMAS-Ultralift technology enables every woman to become beautiful without surgery.

Why is the SMAS-Ultralift procedure a revolutionary technology of the future?

1) Due to the spatial distribution of erbium laser energy formed by the 3dPixel attachment.

Under the action of laser radiation, a special matrix of regenerative centers is formed in the skin with a very small distance between them (~ 30 μm) and at the same time located along the entire depth of the skin, in contrast to standard pixel techniques, the regenerative centers are located in the same plane.

2) SMAS-Ultralift technology is the only non-thermal laser technique in the world, in which the depth of exposure with laser radiation reaches 7-8 mm. If conventional conservative laser techniques involve conventional heating of the skin due to heat transfer or due to deep neodymium heating, then the revolutionary SMAS-Ultralift technology allows you to achieve deep and uniform exposure due to powerful laser acoustic exposure that evenly spreads from the ordered structure of microcenters of regeneration created by laser radiation.

3) In the SMAS-Ultralift technology, ultra-short durations of laser pulses are used, which create a volumetric acoustic, not thermal effect, therefore, there is no likelihood of burns, scars, and at the same time the procedure can be performed on any skin phototype at any time.

The minimum rehabilitation period is only 1-2 days, in contrast to conservative laser lifting techniques.
Ultra-efficient - the patented SMAS-Ultralift procedure can only be performed on a LASEST device that is EC and FDA certified.
Painlessness and safety - no anesthesia required and no side effects.
Maximum freedom - there are no restrictions after SMAS-Ultralift, incl. on the use of baths or tanning.
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