Gynecological laser

In the modern world, almost every second woman encounters problems in an intimate life and is forced to turn to specialist doctors in the field of gynecology. Most patients who turn to health facilities and medical centers are over 40 years old, but, unfortunately, many problems of an intimate nature in women have been rapidly “getting younger” recently. A large number of gynecological diseases creates a demand for new effective and efficient methods in the field of gynecology, because the health of the intimate area of ​​the body contributes not only to improving the entire physiological state of the woman’s body, but also to increasing her self-esteem and overall satisfaction in life.

Intimate laser Dual Gentle Gynecology LASEST

One of the most promising and effective methods in the field of improving intimate life and health is the use of a laser for the treatment of gynecological diseases. Currently, a very large number of diseases of an intimate nature are treated with a laser, ranging from laser vaginal rejuvenation to laser treatment of urinary incontinence. Such popularity and laser efficiency is explained by the possibility of a very delicate, controlled and accurate laser exposure during an intimate gynecological procedure.

The modern laser for gynecology Dual Gentle Gynecology LASEST open up new laser possibilities for gynecologists in the field of laser gynecology and intimate plastic surgery.

Advanced laser techniques for treating the female reproductive system and vaginal atrophy with a laser, implemented in the LASEST laser complex, can prevent or get rid of a large number of problems and complications that are possible before and during menopause. Any medical institution that decides to buy a LASEST gynecological laser, any medical institution significantly improves the quality of its services and the status of the institution. Precision of procedures, accuracy, efficiency and safety are the hallmarks of LASEST gynecological lasers.