Nd:YAG Arthro

Therapeutic laser

The Arthro LASEST Nd: YAG therapeutic laser is designed to target deeply localized joint pathologies. Photothermal and photomechanical processes occurring in tissues when exposed to Nd: YAG Arthro radiation provide synthesis of extracellular matrix molecules, regeneration of connective tissue cells, organization of endothelium, and, consequently, accelerated and highly effective treatment.
The characteristics and parameters of laser radiation possessed by the Nd: YAG Arthro LASEST therapeutic apparatus allow it to comprehensively achieve a number of therapeutic effects that occur under the influence of laser radiation:

  1. Anti-inflammatory effects due to the expansion of the supplying vessels and the acceleration of the supply of oxygen and other substances to damaged tissues .
  2. Anesthetic effects due to a deep effect on pain receptors and stimulation of the formation of the extracellular matrix.
  3. Biostimulating cytoregenerative effect due to photomechanical action on individual cells and stimulation of regenerative processes.

The special shape and sequence of laser pulses creates a spatial distribution of laser energy in tissues without the risk of overheating of surface and If you decide to buy a therapeutic Nd: YAG laser Arthro, you and your medical institution will be able to perform the full range of laser physiotherapy procedures. Fast payback, affordable price and high efficiency of this laser are the key to the success and development of your clinic. You can test and see the Nd: YAG Arthro laser therapy device in action in our central office in Moscow or at our regional representatives.

  • – Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • – Treatment of osteortrosis
  • – Treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome
  • – Therapy of bone-cartilage tissue
  • – Treatment for diabetic ulcers
  • – Therapy for sports muscle injuries
  • – Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • – Treatment of chronic lower back pain
  • – Treatment of patellar teniopathy
  • – Treatment of epicondylitis
Wide range of ultra-light handpieces
The weight of some handpieces with a telescopic mechanism does not exceed 50 g
Impact on deep tissue
Focused on joints and surrounding tissue
Logging each patient's procedure
The presence of doctor bases with personalization of access and patient bases, the ability to view and update treatment cards during the procedures.
Diabetic ulcer treatment
Osteortrosis treatment
Diabetic ulcer treatment
Cartilage therapy
Active element
Radiation length
1064 nm
Pulse duration
150-2000 us
Maximum power
45 W
Maximum energy density
900 J/cm2
Maximum energy
до 70 J
Maximum peak power
до 12 kW
Frequency of operation
1-50 Hz
Outlet Diameter
3, 6, 9, 12 mm
Nozzle weight
0,15 kg