Diode 3 MAX

Diode laser

Diode 3 Max LASEST diode laser for hair removal is the most advanced diode laser head in its class. This diode module combines three main wavelengths for laser hair removal – 755, 808 and 1064nm. The 755nm wavelength penetrates the skin by 1.5-2mm and is maximally absorbed by the pigment melanin, which is contained in the hair. The 808nm laser diode wavelength has the maximum photothermal effect on the hair shaft and its follicle. And the wavelength 1064nm, which is able to penetrate the skin to a depth of 4-5mm, has a coagulating effect on the capillary network, which nourish the follicles and thus stop the restoration of damaged hair. By combining all three wavelengths in a single diode laser, the number of treatments required to completely stop hair is significantly reduced. the complex effect of three independent factors during the procedure of laser hair removal is achieved. Thanks to the specially developed contact cooling, maximum comfort and safety is achieved during diode hair removal, because the diode laser has a tip with a special plate, the temperature of which during the procedure is 2-3 degrees. Celsius. A feature of the diode laser Diode 3 Max LASEST is also the fact that it can be used for photorejuvenation on various types of skin and for removing superficial vessels. Thus, with just one handpiece you can carry out the most popular aesthetic laser procedures. You can buy a diode laser for hair removal at a special price in Moscow directly from the warehouse of the manufacturer “LasMedTech” or from our regional representatives, if you are in another region.

– Diode laser hair removal.
– Removal of superficial vessels.
– Non-ablative laser rejuvenation.

High speed
The laser module Diode 3 Max LASEST allows you to work with speeds up to 10 flashes per second.
Combination of 3 wavelengths
One laser diode combines the three most effective wavelengths for laser hair removal
Maximum contact cooling
Guaranteed complete safety and maximum comfort during the diode hair removal procedure
Unlimited laser handpiece life
Thanks to innovative laser solutions, laser handpiece life reaches 100 million flashes
Hair removal
Hair removal
Removal of superficial vessels
Removal of superficial vessels
Active element
Diode laser
Radiation length
Pulse duration
Maximum power
Maximum energy density
400 J/сm2
Maximum energy
Maximum peak power
up 3 кW
Frequency of operation
1-10 Hz
Outlet Diameter
Nozzle weight