Laser for hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most sought after aesthetic treatments in the world. The company "LazMedTech" in the laser device LASEST has combined three of the most popular and effective lasers for hair removal in the world - alexandrite, neodymium and diode laser, which are able to solve the problem of unwanted hair for any type of skin.

Currently, there are a large number of manufacturers of laser devices that can perform hair removal. Therefore, it is often a difficult task for a professional doctor to choose and buy a laser for hair removal. Each manufacturer positions the advantages of its equipment, trying to convince the buyer of the effectiveness of his method, or even trying in some cases to call the diode laser a “new alexandrite laser”, etc. (although this is fundamentally wrong, since “alexandrite” the name of the active element, the main unit of a solid-state laser, which is not a diode laser). Of course, this approach has no prospects and all the marketing efforts of these companies are aimed only at making money quickly. The advantages and disadvantages of both alexandrite and diode lasers are well known. For a diode laser, the main disadvantage is the fundamentally low quality of the laser beam (incomparable with other types of lasers due to radiation from a diode matrix element), therefore, a diode epilation apparatus in this regard occupies an intermediate position between solid-state lasers and IPL photoepilators. The main disadvantage, which is indicated for alexandrite lasers, is its high price due to the high cost of optical assemblies and components. The company “LasMedTech” does not set itself the goal of getting involved in unfair marketing competition with other manufacturers of medical equipment. The mission of our company is to make the laser hair removal procedure as comfortable and effective as possible for any doctor. For this, our company has created several types of modules that can effectively do laser hair removal, each of which is capable of working with very high energies, spot sizes, frequency and other parameters.

If we objectively evaluate independent medical research, then, of course, the most effective laser for hair removal for I and II skin phototypes according to Fitzpatrick is the alexandrite laser, which in the LASEST device is represented by the ALEX Dynamic emitter. Due to its spatial and spectral characteristics of radiation, hair removal with alexandrite laser gives excellent results for patients with fair skin. Its immense popularity has led to attempts by some manufacturers to “disguise” the diode laser as alexandrite.
For dark skin (Fitzpatrick type IV-V) an effective laser for hair removal is the Nd: YAG Dynamic LASEST neodymium module, the radiation of which is safer for dark skin types and can be effectively absorbed by the melanin pigment.
For Fitzpatrick III (Mediterranean) skin phototype, different types of lasers can be used. Epilation with diode laser Diode 755 Plus LASEST is most effective for II and III skin phototypes. The diode laser developed by LasMedTech for hair removal has a wavelength of 755nm (like the alexandrite laser), but due to its characteristics and settings it is able to better remove hair on darker skin while for very light skin alexandrite laser epilation remains more preferable. In order to finally make the right choice for yourself and figure out which version of the laser for such a procedure as laser hair removal is more profitable and comfortable for you, you can make laser hair removal with all three different lasers in our regional distribution centers or at the head office in Moscow.

The ability to remove any type of hair on any type of skin using the LASEST device
A wide range of spot adjustment (from 4 to 24 mm) greatly facilitates the work of a cosmetologist
Modern dynamic skin cooling system
Maximum efficiency of the procedure combined with the absence of a rehabilitation period
Clinical Results
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