Laser for scar removal

Skin scars and scars are very complex defects in the skin that differ significantly in their properties from the surrounding connective tissue. That is why the scar removal procedure is a daunting task for any dermatologist. A set of the latest non-invasive and invasive techniques implemented in the LASEST device allows effective treatment of various types of scars.

The LASEST laser device is a modern and efficient laser for removing all types of scars. Devices that use non-invasive methods generate laser radiation in the wavelength range of 650-1550 nm. The essence of the impact of these techniques is a point effect on the scar tissue at a certain depth. Due to this structural effect of the beam, additional activation and production of collagen fibers occurs in the connective tissues, which leads to smoothing and leveling of scars.

In addition to the non-invasive method, in order to remove the scar, invasive or ablative methods are often implemented, which contribute to a more active process of regeneration of new cells. Under the action of erbium laser radiation (2.94 microns), active processes of neocollagenesis are started already during the first session by improving blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, as well as destruction of old fibrous fibers of scar tissue. Under the influence of high-precision (therefore it can be used on any part of the face and body) radiation of the Er: YAG laser, the skin is smoothed, wrinkles and age-related changes disappear, as a result of which the skin in the treatment area acquires a youthful and healthy appearance as after a laser resurfacing procedure.
Both methods are effectively implemented in the LASEST laser device, which allows doctors to effectively use LASEST modules to remove various scars.

To make sure of the effectiveness of the procedure, you can try the removal of scars in Moscow at our complex in our clinical base or in any regional clinic where our equipment is located.

The using of various wavelengths and techniques (both ablative and non-ablative) for scar removal.
Using ultra-light handpieces with an innovative design for maximum efficiency.
The shortest switching time between different procedures and techniques (several seconds) during the procedure.
The using of various profiles of the output spot during the procedure, including Flat Spot and 3D Pixel.
Clinical Results