Laser for vascular disease treatment

Unwanted vascular formations on the face and body are found in more than half of the world's inhabitants. The use of a laser for the treatment of vascular diseases allows you to solve this problem in a short time and without side effects.

In the process of laser treatment of vascular diseases, the main purpose of laser radiation is hemoglobin in blood vessels, to a greater or lesser extent, penetrating the skin surface in the area of ​​pathological changes. The vascular removal laser generates a laser beam that is photoselectively and under control focused on the area of ​​the skin where unwanted capillaries and vessels to be treated are located.
When a medical laser is used to treat blood vessels, the hemoglobin molecules are quickly heated to a high temperature, as a result of which the blood coagulates, and the walls of those vessels that are affected by the laser stick together. As a result, the vascular network either immediately disappears (if it is small) or darkens, which indicates a good result (more typical for large vessels), and after 1-2 weeks it disappears without a trace. When laser treatment is carried out on large areas of the skin or when processing large vascular networks, slight crusts or peeling of the epidermis may be observed, which quickly pass.

The most commonly used neodymium laser for vascular removal (Nd: YAG Dynamic or Nd: YAG Invasive) its characteristics and parameters (first of all, the wavelength and depth of penetration into the skin) provide effective treatment of vascular pathologies of various types. In addition to neodymium laser modules, liquid laser devices are sometimes used to remove vascular networks, however, the price and high cost of consumables make the use of liquid lasers unpromising.

A modern dynamic skin cooling system that makes the treatment of vascular diseases easy to carry and comfortable for the patient.
A wide range of spot adjustment (from 1 to 24 mm) greatly facilitates the work of a cosmetologist.
The ability to maintain individual databases of patients and doctors with a complete history of treatment.
The using of a wide range of handpieces for the treatment of all types of vascular diseases.
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