Laser for dyspareunia treatment

Disorder of the sexual sphere of women, which is manifested by the occurrence of pain before, during intercourse or after its completion, is a fairly common and acute problem at present. Laser treatment for dyspareunia shows good results for various age groups.

According to recent gynecological studies, more than half of all women develop a disease such as dyspauremia at some point in their lives. Most often, this problem occurs among women who are in the postpartum period, as well as during menopause. The main symptoms of the disease are discomfort or pain in the intimate area, however, in the absence of proper therapy, other symptoms may develop over time. Before treating, the gynecologist must diagnose and determine the root cause of the disease.
The LASEST dyspaurenia laser has special characteristics that allow it to work in both ablative and non-ablative modes. The Dual Gentle Gynecology technology implemented in the LASEST laser device helps to significantly improve the quality of the sexual life of the fair sex. During the procedure for the treatment of dyspauremia, the attending physician, using a laser, can independently choose the required type of laser radiation distribution: flat, radial and pixel. The type of distribution used depends on the wavelength and the method of laser treatment of the vaginal mucosa (invasive or non-invasive), which are used at different stages of dyspaurenia. The use of the LASEST laser for the treatment of dyspareunia is an effective and safe method and is suitable for most age groups. Due to the short procedure time (no more than 20 minutes), the price for this procedure for patients will be lower than when using conservative methods, and the efficiency and safety are much higher. You can familiarize yourself with our gynecological laser equipment directly at the manufacturer’s office in Moscow, or try the LASEST medical laser in the clinics of our regional representatives.

The using of various wavelengths and techniques (both ablative and non-ablative) in the process of procedure.
Using ultra-light handpieces with an innovative design for maximum efficiency.
Maximum safety and efficiency of procedures due to patented methods and СE certification.
The ability to maintain individual databases of patients and doctors with a complete history of treatment.
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