Laser for laser liposuction

Laser liposuction with the Nd: YAG Invasive laser is an absolutely safe and at the same time highly effective laser procedure, thanks to its short rehabilitation period and the point effect of the laser beam on fat deposits.

Laser radiation for Nd: YAG Invasive laser liposuction is injected into the treatment area using very thin hollow rounded needles that do not injure the skin at all and make the procedure as comfortable as possible for both doctors and patients. To do this, only a few punctures are made in the skin with a special tool and, depending on the volume of the treatment area, excess adipose tissue is either removed using a special extractor or absorbed independently within a few weeks (if the volumes of the treated areas are small).
The peculiarities of using the laser for Nd: YAG Invasive laser liposuction are high efficiency, accuracy, safety during procedures due to one-step coagulation and sterilization of damaged areas, as well as high speed of treatment of areas due to a wide selection of surgical laser handpieces connected to the Nd: YAG Invasive laser.

The ability to maintain individual databases of patients and doctors with a complete history of treatment.
The shortest switching time between different procedures and techniques (several seconds) during the procedure.
Maximum safety and efficiency of procedures due to patented methods and CE certification.
High speed skin surface treatment (50Hz) with the ability to configure all parameters.
Clinical Results
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