Nd:YAG Invasive

Laser scalpel

The Nd: YAG Invasive Laser Module is a powerful and accurate laser surgical instrument with virtually unlimited possibilities. This laser scalpel has characteristics and parameters that allow it to generate both ultrashort and ultra-long laser pulses, and, accordingly, to process various areas of the human body.
High accuracy of cutting is guaranteed by a wide range of light guides and handpieces, which can be changed directly during the procedure. Surgical scalpel Nd: YAG Invasive is supplied with a set of rounded needles of various lengths and diameters, the use of which excludes additional damage to the skin, as well as a set of light guides of various diameters (from 0.3 to 1 mm), which allow ultra-precise excision of soft tissues. Thanks to the techniques implemented in the Nd: YAG Invasive surgical scalpel, soft tissue incisions are made to a controlled depth with consistent coagulation of the blood mesh, which minimizes bleeding and speeds up the rehabilitation of the treated areas. Any medical center that decides to buy a Nd: YAG Invasive laser scalpel acquires not just a surgical neodymium laser device, but a full-fledged surgical complex with a large set of reusable laser auxiliary instruments that allow a surgeon to perform surgical operations on any tissue. The price for this laser also includes free training in a specialized clinic in Moscow with theoretical and practical training for surgeons.

  • Laser and plastic surgery:
  • – Laser Liposuction
  • – Treatment of hyperhidrosis
  • Phlebology:
  • – Endovasal laser coagulation
Ultra high precision
The using of ultra-thin interchangeable optical fibers allows for the most accurate dissection of soft tissues
No need for consumables
All materials and tools are made of high quality medical materials.
Convenience and ease of handling and sterilization
The light weight and ease of use of handpieces allow the most complex laser surgical procedures to be performed efficiently and in a short time
Power over 50W for ultra-thin fibers
High power Nd: YAG Invasive allows you to process large areas and perform a wide range of surgical procedures
Removal of neoplasms
Removal of neoplasms
Hyperhidrosis treatment
Endovasal coagulation
Active element
Radiation length
1064 nm
Pulse duration
300-10000 us
Maximum power
110 W
Maximum energy density
900 J/cm2
Maximum energy
до 50 J
Maximum peak power
до 23 kW
Frequency of operation
1-40 Hz
Outlet Diameter
0.3, 0.6мм, radial
Nozzle weight
0,15-0,2 kg