Laser for therapy of sports muscle injuries

The use of a laser for the treatment of sports muscle injuries is a popular and promising method of sports rehabilitation. The variety of laser techniques implemented in the LASEST laser device allows you to fight a wide range of muscle injuries that are typical when testing large loads of organisms.

In many sports, small muscles, tendons and joints are often damaged. The use of the Arthro LASEST Nd: YAG laser in the field of sports medicine is highly efficient due to a number of parameters and characteristics of the laser therapy radiation generated by this module. Due to the special temporal and spatial form of the impulses, the effects on pathologies with deep localization occur and the necessary biological effect is provided even in deep tissues, which is necessary for the therapy of sports injuries. Photothermal and photomechanical processes occurring when exposed to damaged tissues ensure the synthesis of extracellular matrix molecules, regeneration of connective tissue cells, organization of the endothelium, etc. The high efficiency of the action is due to a number of therapeutic effects that occur under the influence of laser radiation:

  1. Anti-inflammatory effects (expansion of feeding vessels and acceleration of the flow of oxygen and other substances to damaged tissues);
  2. Pain-relieving effects (deep effect on pain receptors and stimulation of the formation of the extracellular matrix);
  3. Biostimulating cytoregenerative effect (photomechanical effect on individual cells and stimulation of regenerative processes).

The laser for the treatment of sports muscle injuries is a highly effective means not only for therapy, but also for the prevention of such injuries to muscles and tissues.

The using of a wide range of handpieces for physiotherapy procedures.
The shortest switching time between different procedures and techniques (several seconds) during the procedure.
The ability to maintain individual databases of patients and doctors with a complete history of treatment.
The using of various profiles of the output spot during the procedure, including Flat Spot and 3D Pixel.
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