ALEX Dynamic

Alexandrite laser

Alexandrite laser ALEX Dynamic LASEST generates radiation with a wavelength of 755 nm, which is the optimal choice for hair removal from skin phototype I-III (Fitzpatrick). The light energy absorbed by the hair melanin, which is generated by the laser, is transformed into heat, which leads to “burnout” hair shaft, thermal destruction of the hair follicle and coagulation of the vessel feeding it. Selective thermal destruction of a specific target occurs, which minimizes the risk of damage to surrounding tissues. The technical characteristics of the ALEX Dynamic laser allow it to operate in very large ranges of pulse durations – from 1 to 300 ms. Shorter pulses are suitable for removing thin hair, for thicker and coarser ones it is recommended to use a longer pulse duration. A special handpiece is supplied with the ALEX Dynamic LASEST alexandrite laser device, where the spot size is automatically reconstructed (from 4 to 24 (!) Mm) without twisting light guide and, accordingly, without the risk of damage to the optical elements and unnecessary loss of time. This alexandrite laser implements the “Flat Spot” technology, which eliminates the appearance of “hot spots” on the treated area of ​​the skin, which can deeply injure the skin and lead to undesirable side effects. the popularity of alexandrite hair removal on the territory of Russia, the affordable cost of the ALEX Dynamic laser and its characteristics, you can recoup your investment in a very short time if you decide to buy the ALEX Dynamic LASEST alexandrite laser at the best price.

  • – Laser Hair Removal
  • – Removal of superficial vessels and hemangiomas
High speed
ALEX Dynamic allows you to work with a frequency of up to 3 Hz continuously 24 hours a day
755nm wavelength
The laser module operates at the universally recognized most efficient wavelength for hair removal. Moreover, unlike diode lasers, the beam quality provides the maximum degree of photo selectivity
Flat Spot technology
Efficiency, maximum safety and painlessness are achieved through the use of the latest laser technology
Auto change spot size
For a doctor using LASEST, there is no need to continuously change handpieces to use different spot diameters
Light skin hair removal
Light skin hair removal
Light skin hair removal
Removal of superficial vessels
Active element
Radiation length
755 nm
Pulse duration
1000-50000 us
Maximum power
60 W
Maximum energy density
400 J/сm2
Maximum energy
до 55 J
Maximum peak power
до 25 kW
Frequency of operation
1-10 Hz
Outlet Diameter
4-24 mm
Nozzle weight
0,2 kg