Nd:YAG Active Q-Switched

Q-Switched laser

The Nd: YAG Active Q-Switched LASEST is one of the most versatile lasers in cosmetology. This laser has a number of different techniques and technologies that allow you to perform all aesthetic procedures for the face and décolleté with one laser module. The doctor can effectively switch between the modes of generation of laser pulses: Q-Switch, Free mode, hybrid, or use them together. The characteristics of Nd: YAG Active Q-Switched allow it to work both in a very short mode (hundreds of picoseconds) and in a very long mode (hundreds of milliseconds). This Q-Switch laser has a special frame construction made of extra strong and lightweight metals, which allows you to generate very high power and energy of the laser beam with a minimum volume and weight of the nozzle. Carbon peeling, complete removal of tattoos of all colors and shades, acne treatment, non-ablative rejuvenation is just a short list of dermatological treatments that the Active Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser can perform. A set of replaceable magnetic tips, which also includes a KTP tip (converting laser radiation with a wavelength of 1064nm into laser radiation of 532nm) significantly expands the capabilities of the emitter and gives the doctor unlimited possibilities in choosing the spot size, frequency of operation, wavelengths and energy density of laser pulses. Due to the modularity of the system, which the LASEST laser device has, the cost of the Nd: YAG Q-Switch laser will be several times lower than the price of a separate monoblock from other manufacturers. This laser device can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse in Moscow or from our representatives.


  • In Q-Switch mode and Hybride Pulse:
  • – Removal of black, blue tattoos
  • – Carbon peeling
  • – Removal of superficial age spots
  • In KTP mode:
  • – Removing red tattoos
  • – Acne treatment
  • – Rosacea treatment
  • – Removing wine stains
Q-Switch, Hybride Pulse or Free Mode to choose
Unlike competitors, the Nd: YAG Active Q-Switched laser module can work in different time modes
Ultrashort laser pulses
The implementation of pico- and nanotechnologies in this module allows you to carry out procedures in an ultra-sparing and highly selective mode for the patient’s skin
532 и 1064nm to choose
In one module, it is possible to switch between a variety of operating modes, which allows you to perform a very wide range of procedures
Acne treatment
Vascular disease treatment
Tatoo removal
Vascular disease treatment
Active element
Radiation length
1064/532 nm
Pulse duration
100-20000 uс (hybrid pulse mode)/500-2000 ps (mono-pulse mode)
Maximum power
18 W
Maximum energy density
850 J/cm2
Maximum energy
до 15 J
Maximum peak power
до 110 kW
Frequency of operation
1-10 Hz
Outlet Diameter
1, 3, 6 mm
Nozzle weight
0,5 kg