Laser for endovasal coagulation

Endovasal coagulation with the Nd: YAG laser Invasive LASEST eliminates the reverse ejection of blood in the superficial and perforating veins using the mechanism of blood vessel coagulation. Low invasiveness and painlessness of the method allows performing treatment on both legs at the same time.

Laser treatment of dilated veins with the LASEST laser device, along with high efficiency, is also characterized by low trauma and maximum safety of the procedure. As a rule, after the procedure of endovasal coagulation with a laser, the patient can return to his usual way of life after 2-3 hours and forget about the problem of varicose veins forever.
For the procedure, a Nd: YAG Invasive surgical laser is used, to which specially designed different types of optical fibers can be attached. During the laser endovasal coagulation procedure, local anesthesia is used, because with internal coagulation of blood vessels, discomfort occurs, such as a burning sensation and tingling sensation. The target for Nd: YAG Invasive laser radiation during endovasal coagulation is hemoglobin particles, which actively absorb laser radiation, resulting in gradual reliable coagulation from the inside of the damaged vessel and its complete closure.

The ability to maintain individual databases of patients and doctors with a complete history of treatment.
The shortest switching time between different procedures and techniques (several seconds) during the procedure.
Maximum safety and efficiency of the procedures due to patented methods and СЕ certification.
High speed skin surface treatment (50Hz) with the ability to configure all parameters.
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