Er:YAG Active

Erbium laser

The highly efficient Er: YAG Active LASEST laser is widely used for most ablative procedures in aesthetic medicine. The radiation wavelength is 2940 nm, which corresponds to the maximum absorption peak of water, therefore, the depth of penetration of direct optical radiation into the skin of this laser module is only 0.01 – 0.1 mm, which guarantees very high accuracy and the absence of side effects as in the case of a more “hard” CO2 laser. The Er: YAG Active laser module can operate in a wide range from ultra-short (100 μs) to ultra-long (50 ms) pulses, depending on the selected mode or technique.
The ultra-short pulse allows for “cold” superficial resurfacing without heating the lower layers of the skin, which is ideal for correcting age-related manifestations, scars and post-acne. This erbium laser device has such wide capabilities and characteristics, because combines a unique wavelength of 2940nm (thanks to doped erbium ions), and a stable, powerful and durable active medium that a YAG laser has.Due to the modularity of the LASEST laser device, the cost of an erbium laser will be lower than the price of a CO2 laser, and its versatility and efficiency are significantly higher. If you decide to buy an Er: YAG Active LASEST erbium laser, your clinic or medical center will be able to carry out a range of laser procedures in various fields of medicine – cosmetology, surgery, gynecology, etc. If you are in Moscow, you can visit our clinical base and test Er: YAG Active in Moscow with your own hands or with your doctors or contact our regional representatives.

  • Aesthetic medicine:
  • – Ablative laser rejuvenation incl. fractional (from cold peeling to hot ablation)
  • – Laser removal of neoplasms
  • – Laser dermabrasion (resurfacing) and collagen stimulation
  • – Laser treatment of stretch marks and striae
  • – Ablative scar correction
  • Laser gynecology:
  • – Ablative laser vaginal rejuvenation, incl. pixel
Accelerated skin regeneration
A wide selection of parameters guarantees tuning for each type of nosology and maximum efficiency
High energy output and peak power
Er: YAG Active is the world's most powerful external laser in Class IV
A large set of handpieces, including 3d pixel
A wide selection of handpieces allows you to change not only the shape and size of the spot, but also the technology of exposure to the skin
Ability to use the Gynecology handpiece
Thanks to the built-in functions Er: YAG Active allows you to carry out not only cosmetic, but also surgical and gynecological procedures
Laser rejuvenation
Laser resurfacing
Laser peeling
Laser resurfacing
Active element
Radiation length
2940 nm
Pulse duration
300-50000 us
Maximum power
15 W
Maximum energy density
150 J/cm2
Maximum energy
до 7 J
Maximum peak power
до 8,5 kW
Frequency of operation
1-6 Hz
Outlet Diameter
1, 3, 5mm, 3dPixel
Nozzle weight
0,5 kg