Laser for vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation with the LASEST laser device is an excellent opportunity to restore the lost tone of vaginal muscles, restore female sexual function and sexual activity at any age. Laser for vaginal rejuvenation with Dual Gentle Gynecology technology is an effective solution to eliminate intimate problems of both physiological and purely external nature.

In connection with the individual structure of the human body, as well as over time in the reproductive system of women, there is a deterioration in elasticity and changes in shape in the vulva and intimate area.
Thanks to the use of the intimate laser Dual Gentle Gynecology, the intermolecular bonds of collagen are reduced, which allows the treated mucous tissues to effectively contract and contract. In addition, natural processes of neocollagenesis are triggered, due to which the tissue in the treated area becomes firm and elastic. Using the LASEST laser device for vaginal rejuvenation procedure, there is no need for patient hospitalization or anesthesia.
Due to the high technical parameters, the Dual Gentle Gynecology technique and the choice of spatial profiles of the fractional laser beam for treating the vaginal wall, the rejuvenation procedure takes only 15 minutes in the clinic. With the help of automatic rotary mechanisms and graduation scales and dilators, the insertion of the maniple into the vagina and the treatment procedure is absolutely painless for the patients. A full recovery course usually includes 2-3 sessions. The rehabilitation period after using a laser for vaginal rejuvenation is minimal, compared to analogues, and is no more than one week, during which the attending physician recommends refraining from sexual intercourse, visiting saunas and baths, and strenuous physical exertion.
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The using of various wavelengths and techniques (both ablative and non-ablative) in the process of procedure.
Using ultra-light handpieces with an innovative design for maximum efficiency.
Maximum safety and efficiency of procedures due to patented methods and СE certification.
The ability to maintain individual databases of patients and doctors with a complete history of treatment.
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