Nd:YAG Dynamic

Neodymium laser

With the help of the Nd: YAG Dynamic LASEST laser, it is possible to carry out more than 20 procedures for various directions in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. The characteristics of this neodymium laser allow it to operate in high-power energy modes and perform the most complex procedures in a short time thanks to the use of a special patented design and high-power laser optics. A large number of attachments are supplied with the Nd: YAG Dynamic neodymium laser, which implement the latest latest technologies, such as Flat Spot, Gauss Beam, 3d Pixel.
The Nd: YAG Dynamic neodymium device generates high-energy neodymium laser radiation with a wavelength of 1064 nm, implemented in unique time modes (from ultrashort pulses to ultra-long pulses) that provides a selective effect on deep targets without thermal damage to the skin.
For maximum comfort and convenience of the procedure, doctors using this neodymium laser device can also use the non-contact CoolFlash dynamic skin cooling system, which is equipped with a neodymium laser. When working with it, you can adjust the temperature and the flow rate of cold air in the treatment area, which guarantees an excellent result during the procedure. The methods and protocols of treatment of the “LasMedTech” company, implemented in the Nd: YAG Dynamic laser, are approved and recognized as effective by many medical institutions both in Russia and abroad. Therefore, before buying a neodymium laser in Moscow, we invite you to visit our conferences and training seminars.

  • – Laser rejuvenation (deep warming)
  • – Removal of superficial and deep vessels
  • – Treatment of onychomycosis
  • – Removal of warts
  • – Laser hair removal on dark skin
  • – Non-ablative treatment of acne and scars
  • – Laser treatment for stretch marks
Over 15 modes and procedures
The maximum versatility of this laser module is combined with its high efficiency for a very wide range of procedures
Choosing Flat Spot or Gauss Beam Technologies
It is possible to connect various handpieces and manipulators to the laser module, allowing you to use the laser module in a variety of modes
Efficient cooling of treatment areas
Using Cool Flash LASEST technology, which provides maximum patient comfort during procedures
Мгновенный визуальный эффект после 1-й процедуры
Unlike competitors, who promise a “accumulative" effect, the effects of using of Nd: YAG Dynamic are immediately visible
Vascular disease
Acne treatment
Non-ablative rejuvenation
Wine stain removal
Active element
Radiation length
1064 nm
Pulse duration
Maximum power
110 W
Maximum energy density
900 J/cm2
Maximum energy
до 90 J
Maximum peak power
до 28 kW
Frequency of operation
1-40 Hz
Outlet Diameter
2-9, 4-24 mm
Nozzle weight
0,2 kg