Dual Gentle Gynecology

Intimate laser

The Dual Gentle Gynecology intimate laser is currently the only laser in the world that combines both ablative and non-ablative techniques of laser beam exposure to the mucous membrane. The Dual Gentle Gynecology LASEST technology opens up new possibilities for specialists in the fields of laser gynecology and intimate plastic surgery. A feature of this technology is the use of an innovative handpiece, which has characteristics that allow the doctor to choose the required type of laser radiation distribution: flat, radial, pixel or combined. The handle has a special graduated scale and fixed rotary positions, which increases accuracy and precision during the procedure. The gynecological handpiece can be used with two lasers: Er: YAG Active and Nd: YAG 1320 nm, which significantly expands the laser therapeutic range and the effectiveness of Dual Gentle Gynecology technology. All LASEST gynecological accessories are made of special materials that can be sterilized many times and accordingly used without risk to the health of patients. Before deciding which gynecological laser to buy, any doctor should take into account such factors as the price of a laser device, the number of procedures performed with it, and also objectively represent the mechanism of the laser beam’s effect on the skin. The specialists of the company “LasMedTech” in Moscow, unlike other manufacturers, do not extol one specific technique over another. We provide reliable and proven protocols and a unique laser for gynecology that uses all the advanced techniques to treat the full spectrum of gynecological diseases that can be treated with an intimate laser.

  • – Vulvovaginal atrophy
  • – Genital Dryness
  • – Burning and itching
  • – Stress urinary incontinence
  • – Dyspareunia
  • – Loss of firmness and elasticity of the vagina
No side effects
In contrast to CO2 lasers, the erbium laser radiation is highly accurate and controll the penetration depth
Pulse shape selection
In the Dual Gentle Gynecology handpieces, it is possible to configure different modes and structures of laser radiation
Ease of using
Calibration scale and fixing mechanisms of handpieces allow you to do procedures easily and with the necessary accuracy
Maximum safety
High-quality medical materials guarantee high durability and ease of sterilization
Active element
Radiation length
1320/2940 nm
Pulse duration
300-5000 us
Maximum power
55 W
Maximum energy density
200 J/cm2
Maximum energy
до 45 J
Maximum peak power
до 15 kW
Frequency of operation
1-6 Hz
Outlet Diameter
Nozzle weight