Physiotherapy Laser

Laser therapy occupies an important place in the treatment of damaged or susceptible tissues and joints. The laser selectively affects the area of ​​pathological processes and accelerates regeneration. For laser physiotherapy, as a rule, lasers of a wide range of infrared power are used. Thanks to the deep penetration of the laser beam, trophism in bone and cartilage tissue is significantly improved, normalized in adjacent soft tissues and destruction processes are stopped. The LASEST catalogs and website contain a wealth of information about various laser modules and techniques that are most effectively used in areas such as laser physiotherapy. It is the right choice of high-quality, tested and certified lasers that guarantee an effective result and maximum safety during the procedures.
For carrying out laser physiotherapeutic procedures, Nd: YAG Arthro and Nd: YAG Dynamic LASEST lasers are possible. Specially developed and clinically approved characteristics and radiation parameters of these lasers allow any doctor to perform physiotherapy procedures as comfortably and effectively as possible. In addition, if you decide to buy a laser for physiotherapy Nd: YAG Dynamic, along with physiotherapeutic procedures you can perform a number of dermatological and even some surgical procedures, which contributes to the fastest return on laser equipment and a significant increase in the average patient check.