Training courses

Modern laser technology in dermatology and cosmetology

The training program was developed by LazMedTech specialists in close cooperation with leading state medical institutions of the Russian Federation. The emphasis is on both obtaining theoretical knowledge and improving practical skills when working with modern laser equipment.

Based on the results of training, a state-issued certificate of advanced training is issued. The cost of training includes all drugs and supplies that are used in the learning process.
Теоретическая часть программы:

· The interaction of laser radiation with the skin. Analysis of the principle of photo selectivity for various parameters of laser radiation.

· Analysis of the selection of parameters and laser settings. The study of VTR (thermal relaxation time) and the penetration depth of radiation for various chromomorphs and laser modules.

· Types of effects of laser radiation on tissues – ablative, non-ablative, mixed. Analysis of the types of effects of laser radiation on tissues – photothermal, photoacoustic, photochemical.

· Analysis of modern laser devices and modules on the market. Selection depending on the types of procedures and parameters.

· Analysis of the main contraindications for laser therapy. Safety when working with laser devices. Laser hazard classes.

· Legal aspects when opening a medical center or clinic. Requirements for paperwork, premises, personnel, equipment. ov carrying out procedures. Requirements for the office, medical staff.

· Studying the theoretical principles of the most popular laser procedures: hair removal, vascular diseases, photorejuvenation, tattoo removal, etc.

· Combination and combination of laser procedures with other cosmetological and physiotherapeutic procedures.

The practical part of the program:

· Laser hair removal on solid-state and diode lasers. Comparison of performance and parameters.

· Laser removal of tattoos of various colors (black, blue, color, red, etc.). Selection of wavelength for the corresponding color of the dye.

· Laser resurfacing of the skin. Consideration of all methods – from cold peeling to hot ablation.

· Modern pixel technology for skin rejuvenation. Comparison of ablative and non-ablative methods.

· Laser treatment of vascular diseases. KTP laser, long-pulse modes, selection of various distributions of spot profiles and nozzles for exposure over large areas.

· Laser removal of age spots. Comparison of the ruby ​​and alexandrite principle of exposure.

· Laser treatment of onychomycosis. Short pulse and long pulse techniques. Selection of parameters for various types of neodymium lasers.

· Aesthetic laser surgery. Removal of neoplasm and tissue correction.

· Carrying out non-ablative peelings: carbon, hybrid, etc.

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