Development and improvement of selective photothermolysis methods for solid-state laser emitters to solve aesthetic problems in laser medicine on the basis of the State Scientific Center for Laser Medicine
Stablishment of the company LLC "LasMedTech". Start of certification of medical devices.
Successful technical and medical testing for a line of solid-state laser modules. Obtaining a registration certificate of the Russian Federation.
Obtaining EN ISO 13485: 2012, obtaining a CE certificate
Close cooperation with the Russian expocenter. Entering international markets. Transition of the production base to EN ISO 13485: 2016

The company “LazMedTek” is a young, but at the same time dynamically developing and high-tech company. The company has not only its own, certified by European standards, production site with a wide network of departments and laboratories, but also successfully engaged in many scientific and educational projects. Active cooperation with leading domestic and foreign universities allows the company to train specialist doctors to work not only on LASEST equipment, but also to be a leading educational platform in the Russian Federation in the field of laser medicine. The engineering capabilities of the LazMedTech company allow it to implement complex high-capacity and high-tech projects and supply doctors with only high-quality, reliable and efficient laser instruments.