Buy laser device LASEST

Laser multifunctional professional device LASEST is the most powerful and versatile professional laser and is effectively used in various fields of laser medicine. High power, treatment efficiency, the latest developed techniques, ergonomic tips with spot sizes up to 24mm and high energy density, superintelligent and at the same time user-friendly software – all this allows doctors around the world to carry out laser procedures much faster, more efficiently and safer than before. and the quick payback of this medical laser complex is due to the fact that this complex implements all the latest techniques and achievements of laser medical technologies. We do not claim that the product of the company “LasMedTech” separate nozzle or laser is the best in the world – but we just took the best laser components from leading manufacturers, selected the most recognized effective methods in the world and combined it all into one complex, thus gathering the best and most effective together. That is why with the help of the LASEST laser complex you can easily select all the necessary equipment for various areas of laser medicine, such as:

  1. cosmetology
  2. surgery
  3. gynecology
  4. physiotherapy

The best LASEST lasers will satisfy the requirements of the most demanding consumer, ideally fit into the overall focus of your medical center or clinic, and will quickly pay off and will bring you a stable income thanks to a democratic cost, a two-year warranty and fast and reliable service. To buy effective LASEST laser devices, or to find out prices or to find out promotions, please contact us.

Почему LASEST?
  • 1) Effective procedures in all areas of laser medicine
  • 2) Combining all monoblocks on one platform
  • 3) A wide selection of radiation parameters for each procedure
  • 4) 2-3 times increase in average bill compared to monoblocks
  • 5) Full business control, program integration
  • 6) Personalization of doctors on a laser platform, taking into account the maintenance of a patient database
  • 7) 2 year warranty
  • 8) Of consumables, only flash lamp
Active elements

Alexandrite, RUBY,

1079/1320/2940 nm
Pulse duration

100-200 000 us
Continuous operation time:

Maximum optical power

120 W
Maximum energy density

3200 J/сm2
Maximum Weight

90 kg
Maximum energy

до 110 J
Maximum peak power

до 2,4 MW
Number of simultaneously connected laser modules

до 4
Frequency of operation

д 1-50 Hz
Outlet Diameter

0,3-24мм, 3dPixel.
Types of radiation delivery:

external, by fiber
Maximum power

3500 W