Training Center

The training center of the company “LasMedTech” conducts training on the most modern programs in various fields of laser medicine:

1) Dermatology
2) Surgery.
3) Gynecology.
4) Physiotherapy.
5) Dentistry.
6) Endoscopy.

Thanks to the courses in our training center, you can confidently and effectively use various types of laser equipment. The training program focuses on the use of solid-state and diode lasers, as the most used and promising, but our teachers will tell in detail and conduct practical exercises on gas and liquid lasers.

The training center of the company “LasMedTech” provides training for medical clinics and centers buying laser medical equipment LASEST, and for dermatologists, surgeons, gynecologists, etc., who decided to take a training course without purchasing equipment (in this case There are several different training programs with different numbers of training hours).

Learning Center Benefits:
1) Modern teaching methods, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
2) Issuance of state-issued certificates and diplomas.
3) Volumetric and adapted to the latest laser medical protocols theoretical and practical parts of the program.
4) Experienced teachers with knowledge of foreign languages.

The training center is located at: Moscow, Novinsky Blvd. 5, p. 1. To clarify the schedule and time of the training center, please use the contact numbers.