• 1Adjustment of equipment to your requirements.
  • 2Diagnostics of equipment and troubleshooting.
  • 3Repair of equipment, replacement of parts and assemblies for a warranty case.
  • 4Technical support and advice on working with devices.
  • 5After-sales service and consultations.
One of the features of cooperation with LasMedTech is the availability of a guarantee for all laser modules and equipment for a period of 2 years.

This warranty period (maximum even among well-known foreign manufacturers) is explained by the use of components and parts from the world's leading manufacturers of laser components - Northrop Grumman, Thermatron, Crytur, V&Q, LIMO, Suss MikroOptics, etc. in the production of medical laser equipment LASEST. After the expiration of the warranty period, LasMedTech supports all LASEST devices, regardless of the year and model of manufacture.

When servicing, LasMedTech also has separate warranty obligations for installed components and components, regardless of the model of device.

1) Pump lamps – a warranty period of operation of 1,000,000 pulses or 12 months, whichever comes faster. Moreover, the average life of the pump lamps usually exceeds 2-3 million pulses.

2) Laser rod(new) – 5 years warranty.

3) Electronics (boards, high-voltage modules, power supplies, etc.) – 2 years.

Advantages of service and warranty service of LASEST equipment:

1) High quality guarantee. All types of work performed by LasMedTech specialists, as well as all supplied spare parts and modules for LASEST lasers, are accompanied by a guarantee

2) The minimum cost of maintenance. Unlike manufacturers, the only natural consumable is a pump lamp without replacing the entire laser module. The cost of replacing a pump lamp is many times less than the cost of replacing a laser module. Also, the minimum cost of servicing LASEST equipment is explained by the fact that all work is carried out directly by the manufacturing company without a complex chain of intermediary companies

3) Without stopping the clinic or medical center. Our service and warranty department of the company promptly responds to any requests from customers, thus ensuring the minimum downtime of your center. Departure of a specialist occurs no later than 3 days from the receipt of the application

4) Service regardless of location. Efficiency of service of LASEST equipment does not depend on where in the world our equipment is located.

5) Own production and warehouse of spare modules. Having a certified in-house production and a wide warehouse of spare parts, the LasMedTech company, even in the most difficult cases of service, can guarantee the quick replacement of any component of the LASEST laser system.