Which alexandrite laser to choose

Alexandrite laser – it is considered to be the best laser for cosmetology in the world. Its impressive popularity is explained by the fact that its wavelength of 755 nm is considered optimal for various laser dermatological procedures on the 1st and 2nd photototypes of the skin according to Fitzpatrick. In addition, like any solid-state medical laser (unlike, for example, a diode laser), its radiation has a number of properties that make it possible to carry out procedures efficiently and painlessly. These include:

  1. high monochromatic radiation. This is an important property that provides excellent selectivity when exposed to the “target”. Unlike diode heads and IPL photoepilators, the attending physician does not need to use different gels and other tricks to make the procedure safe for the patient. The laser beam of an alexandrite laser is absorbed precisely by the chromophore to which the action is directed.
  2. radiation coherence. A laser beam can be represented simultaneously as a stream of flying photons, and an electromagnetic wave with a very short length (measured in nm), which does not lose its properties anywhere in space. Due to this, at first glance, a complex, but very important characteristic, it is possible to obtain unique parameters that distinguish solid-state lasers from others – good focusing and low divergence, obtaining ultra-short durations, etc.
  3. High energy and peak power, and therefore the maximum possible spot size. Despite the internal small size, the alexandrite crystal possesses is very resistant with good heat-conducting properties. This means that at high energies it does not collapse (unlike diode arrays, which fade with time), but is able to work for a very long time.

These benefits show why, for example, alexandrite laser is the best laser for hair removal. But what if you need to choose an alexandrite laser machine from different manufacturers? What should you pay attention to first of all?

Охлаждение процедуры при работе неодимового лазера

Important characteristics when choosing a laser

First of all, do not fall for the bait of unscrupulous manufacturers and managers who use the designation “alexandrite” or “alexandrite” when calling ordinary diode heads, for example, Alex, Alex755, One755, etc. Diode hair removal has very little in common in comparison with alexandrite.

It is very simple to distinguish a real Alex laser from a diode laser:

Alexandrite laser works at a certain distance from the skin (a few centimeters), although it can be brought closer, because the efficiency of laser radiation from this is not lost. A diode laser, which has poor optical characteristics, must always (!) Be pressed to the skin during the procedure, because its radiation is very strongly scattered and unable to be completely absorbed by the hair follicles.

If you choose which alexandrite laser device to choose among solid-state ones, then you must definitely consider the following parameters when choosing:

  • Frequency. This parameter is determined in hertz and the speed of the procedures depends on it. The larger the frequency range, the more powerful the laser.
  • The size of the laser spot. Another important parameter that directly affects the speed of work during cosmetic procedures.
  • Radiation density. The density of the radiation depends on what types of hair the laser emitter can work with. The doctor will not be able to cope with blond hair if he works on equipment with a low energy density.
  • Pulse duration. Here, not only the pulse duration is important, but also the possibility of adjusting it to the “target” VTR (thermal relaxation time) (in professional medical laser devices, the optimal settings are embedded in the software). A very long laser pulse (more than 50 ms) often leads to skin damage due to active heat transfer from the chromophore to the epidermis.
  • Cooling. Despite the painlessness of alexandrite laser procedures, the rule of good tone for laser equipment is considered to be able to actively cool the skin in case of increased patient sensitivity to laser radiation.Параметры и свойства александритового излучения